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    Wooden Car Seat cover A full cover for car seats of big wooden bits. It is very helpful to avoid sweating during driving due to air circulation in between. It gives relief to back through accue – pressure. Thick and sturdy nylon thread is used for weaving and good quality wooden bits. It has shellac […]

    Rs. 840
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    A wooden basket on your dinning table to keep fruits or apples. It has unique natural and original wooden look with a flexible shape like spring. It is created from single wooden piece without any joints. It can be kept on table or hanged as per your need. It is of 11 inches in height […]

    Rs. 590
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    Sawantwadi-Wooden-Fruits Very famous wooden article from Sawantwadi. Wooden fruits that can be used as wall piece to decorate the wall of your house. They look like the natural fruits. Diameter of plate is 8 inches approximately. Sturdy and good quality wood is used. A different or unique gift in the crowd of plastic for your […]

    Rs. 340Rs. 590
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    Wooden-Miniature-Gramophone at a price of Rs. 450/- buy now . Beautiful art work in wood – a cute gramophone. It is hand carving in wood and no hazardous colours are used. Wooden base is of 4 inches in length, 4 inches in width and 3 inches in height approximately. Speaker is of sheet metal with […]

    Rs. 590
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    A fine look wooden train. No hazardous chemicals or colours are used. It’s an original colour of wood. It is 3 inches width, 3 inches height and 12 inches total length approximately It can be dismantled. Sturdy and good quality Rose wood. A different toy or unique gift for children in the crowd of plastic […]

    Rs. 700 Rs. 540
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    Beautiful Handcrafted-Wooden-Lamp Beautiful art work in wood and it is hand carving in wood. It can be hanged to roof or wall or kept on table. Height of lamp is 12 inches and diameter is of 4.5 inches approximately. A beautiful show piece in your office or house. Zero bulb or CFL bulb can be […]

    Rs. 490
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    Buy Pine-Wood-mobile-stand only for Rs. 325/-  Only Genuine High quality Products  A Pine wood mobile stand and stationery box. It is of 2.5 inches width, 4 inches length and 4 inches height approximately. Its original dark colour with grains increases its richness. Best to suit on your office table or desk or at home. A […]

    Rs. 465
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    Wooden-Canon – A beautiful handcrafted decorative peice Beautiful art work in wood. It is hand carving in wood. Its length is of 7 inches and wheels diameter is of 3 inches approximately. It can be used as pen holder for 2 pens. A beautiful show piece for your office or house. Sturdy and good quality […]

    Rs. 460
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    Decorative miniature-Cycle/Bicycle for home decoration. A beautiful piece of art in metal and wood. It has the length of 8 inches approximately. It is a show piece worth displaying in your cupboard or table. It has a colour of oil paint. A different or unique gift in the crowd of plastic for your closed ones. […]

    Rs. 440