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Rajmata Jijau Laminated Photo Frame

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Rajmata Jijau Laminated Photo Frame

  • Imported synthetic with ply laminated and termite proof frames are used with respective sizes.
  • Durabality of frames is 10/12 years if maintained properly.
  • Front side of Photo wipe with wet cloth and colours don’t fed.
  • Original photo print with high resolution quality.
  • High quality chemical lamination of 8mm (for 16×20 to 20×30 size) and 12 mm(for 24×36 size)
  • Superior quality MDF board is used with back covering by black finished paper.
  • Hook to hang is provided for all sizes but stand is provided for sizes from 4×6 to 8×12.

  Jijabai was born on January 12, 1598 as the daughter of Lakhojirao Jadhav of Deulgaon near Sindkhed in present-day Buldhana district of Maharashtra State. Her mother’s name was Mhalsabai. As per custom, Jijabai remained with her parents for several years before joining her husband. Jijabai’s father-in-law, Maloji Bhonsle, had begun his career as a shilledar serving under the command of her father, Lakhojirao Jadhav. Her natal family (the Jadhav family) was of relatively high standing in the region, whereas her husband’s family were just rising into importance newly, and according to some accounts, they had risen from the ranks of the Kunbi caste of cultivators. This difference in background and status meant that Jijabai’s father had not been very happy to give his daughter in marriage to Shahaji, son of Maloji Bhonsle. Her father’s unhappiness made an impact on the young Jijabai’s mind and it affected her attitude towards her husband and his family for all her life. Nevertheless, Jijabai bore Shahaji as many as eight children, six daughters and two sons. All the daughters died in infancy and only the two sons, Sambhaji and Shivaji, reached adulthood. In 1630, three years after Shivaji’s birth, Jijabai received a co-wife into her household after Shahaji married Tukabai, daughter of Sardar Bajirao Mohite Pongwadikar of Bijapur, who was Shahaji’s close friend and, like him, also a commander serving the sultan of Bijapur. By this time, Shahaji had achieved a certain status and importance as a commander, and his new wife came from a friendly family with no hang-ups about status or background. He found acceptance and comfort in his second wife and developed a close rapport with her. Within a few years, Shahaji separated his household, granting his estates located near Pune to Shivaji. Jijabai and her younger son Shivaji then moved to these estates near Pune, while her elder son Sambhaji remained with Shahaji because he was the elder son and heir to his father. Shahaji remained in Karnataka with his second wife Tukabai, her growing family, and Sambhaji, his eldest son (born of Jijabai).jijamat death in 17 june 1676

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