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Guru Nanak Dev Ji Laminated Photo Frame

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Buy Guru Nanak Dev Ji Photo Frame

  • Original photo print is use with high resolution quality.
  • High quality chemical lamination of 8mm (for 16×20 to 20×30 size) and 12 mm(for 24×36 size)
  • Superior quality MDF board is use with back covering by black finished paper.
  • Front side of Photo can wipe with wet cloth and colours don’t fade.
  • Edges of photo are cover with black PVC tape.
  • Hook to hang is provided for all sizes but stand is provided for sizes from 4×6 to 8×12.

Guru Nanak and the Boulder Story

    Guru Nanak Dev Ji used to travel on foot everywhere with his companions and musicians, Bala and Mardana. One day they were walking and Mardana felt very thirsty. Finally they reached a hill with a dwelling at the top. But he was very greedy and charged money before anyone could use the well.

    Guru Nanak Dev Ji sent Mardana to get some water from the well. When Mardana got to the top of the hill he asked the man, “Can I have some water? My friends and I are very thirsty.” The man said, “You have to pay. If you don’t pay you can’t have any water.” Mardana said, “We don’t have any money sir, we just need water.” The man again replied, “If you don’t have money, than you can’t have any.”
    So Mardana came back down the hill and told the Guru what the man had said. Guru Nanak Dev Ji told him to go again and ask the man for water in the Name of God. Mardana did exactly that and again the man refused. So Mardana respectfully asked the man for the third time, “Please sir, share some water. I ask you again in the Name of God. I’m sure if you share, God will bless you.” The man said, “I don’t care! If you don’t have money, go away. Stop bothering me.”
So Guru Nanak Dev Ji sat down and said, “Don’t worry. God always takes care of us.” He found a small stick and dug it in the ground. And an amazing thing happened: a spring of pure, clear, refreshing water came up. The three were so happy.
Storyteller:  Gurumeher Kaur

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