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Dev Guru Nanak Ji Laminated Photo

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Buy Dev Guru Nanak Ji Laminated Photo

  • Original photo print is use with high resolution quality.
  • High quality chemical lamination of 8mm (for 4×6 to 20×30 size) and 12 mm(for 24×36 size)
  • Superior quality MDF board is use with back covering by black finished paper.
  • Front side of Photo can wipe with wet cloth and colours don’t fade.
  • Edges of photo are cover with black PVC tape.
  • Hook to hang is provided for all sizes but stand is provided for sizes from 4×6 to 8×12.


Dev Guru Nanak Ji travelled extensively during his lifetime. Some modern accounts state that he visited Tibet, most of South Asia and Arabia starting in 1496, at age 27, when he left his family for a thirty-year period. These claims include Dev Guru Nanak Ji visiting the Mount Sumeru of Indian mythology, as well as Mecca, Baghdad, Achal Batala and Multan, in places he debated religious ideas. These stories became widely popular in the 19th and 20th century, and exist in many versions. The hagiographic details is a subject of dispute, with modern scholarship questioning the details and authenticity of many claims. With the late phase Puratan version describing four missionary journeys (udasis), which however differs from the Miharban version. Some of the stories about Dev Guru Nanak Ji extensive travels first appear in the 19th-century versions of janam-sakhi in the Puratan version. Further, stories about Dev Guru Nanak Ji travel to Baghdad is absent from even the early 19th-century Puratanversion. Another source of dispute has been the Baghdad stone inscription in a Turkish script, which some interpret saying Baba Nanak Fakir was there in 1511-1512, other interpret it stating 1521-1522 (and that he lived in the Middle East for 11 years away from his family) While others particularly Western scholars stating that the stone inscription is from the 19th century. The stone is not a reliable evidence that Guru Nanak visited Baghdad in early 16th century. Source : wikipedia


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