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All season mattress or quilt for good health

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Product Description :  Pure woollen small thread mattress or quilt
Speciality :  All season mattress or quilt for good health
Suitable occasions :  It can be used through out year
Colour and design :  White and black wool in strips
Fabric :  Pure woolen
Manufacturing process :  Handmade product
Length  and width :  4 x 12 feet
Related to use and wash :  Don’t wash in first year. After one year don’t use brush or don’t hit while washing, just soak in water.
Variations :  There can be variations in size by few inches.

In a society different groups or communities define their own style of living. They design their own path towards betterment and so is the Shephard community (Dhangar). While occupied in cattle business, they also derived the support business with main occupation. Charkha which was used by Mahatma Gandhi to motivate Swadesi movement while fighting for freedom is still in existence at these shephard’s residence. And the community is proud to keep it in movement post independence. They breed sheep and up grow them. A family takes care of a group of more than 30 sheep. It provides the required feeding and allows the sheep to roam and stay in the farms. So farmers get organic fertilizers. During May – June and Oct – Nov that is two times in a year, the wool of sheep is cut. The sheep is washed at river or well or lake, Katkari a person who cuts the wool is invited and the wool is cut. The wool in different colours like black, white, brown and grey is collected and is worshipped back at home. A sweet meal is offered as A sweet meal is offered as Naivadya and is shared with Katkari people. The thread of white and black wool is tied in the hands of Katkari. And after the worship ceremony, wool is sold in market. Wool is sorted in different colours and density is maintained uniformly. A thread is generated from the wool by using Charkha. One kilo wool with 280 threads is handed over to Weavers for weaving a mattress or quilt called Ghongada. Benefits of Ghongada – 1. A relief from joint pains, back ache, waist and neck ache. 2. Protection from cold. 3. Long term benefits for healthy back. 4. Natural curing for ache problems. 5. Helps in blood circulation due to acupressure. 6. Expected life Upto 10 years. 7. It can be used all seasons.

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