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  • SKS594

    A saree with very different look.  Yellow and red colour part of saree having bel butti design at one side and flowers across. Other part of saree is having grey, yellow and pink checks across. Black lace around all sides of saree and floral design on one corner of pallu.

    Rs. 890
  • SKS503

    Very unique proposition of saree. One part is plain dark melon. Other part is having beautiful black and white checks design. All sides have black, dark melon and golden border.

    Rs. 750
  • SKS621

    Bold and broad design on lower side of saree in maroon colour. It also has flower embroidery design across saree. All four sides have sephia colour lace border.

    Rs. 715
  • SKS618

    Various styles of designs in one saree. Golden rod colour having blue vertical and horizontal linings in between. Lower side of saree having big flower embroidery on blue colour and upper side having carving type design on blue colour. No design on pallu, but all sides are having lace border in blue.

    Rs. 715
  • SKS614

    Very beautiful piece of art on saree ie. Bobby style.  Cadet blue colour saree having bieze colour dots on black background at all the sides. Bieze and light colour flowers across saree. Golden and dark blue colour velvet border in lace.

    Rs. 715
  • SKS613

    Very rich rubine colour saree having flower embroidery across. White net type design at the lower side of saree. Above white design there are embroidery flowers in two parallel rows. Saree has lace border at all sides in same colour.

    Rs. 715
  • SKS576

    Very fascinating saree in red colour with yellow in between having tiny white spots across on one part. Second part has orange colour design on light yellow. It has Bengali boota style. Saree has broad black border of lace on all four sides. Flower embroidery on the corners of pallu and in between.

    Rs. 715
  • SKS573

    Gorgeous saree in dark yellow colour forming one part having rich, bold and antique design at lower side. And thin brown design on grey colour at other part. It has lace border across all sides in golden colour.

    Rs. 715
  • SKS557

    A saree with rich looks in golden rod and pista colours in two parts having lac work. Golden rod colour have light sephia colour two strips on one side. And pista colour has floral design across saree. All four sides of saree has light sephia colour border along golden rod lace inside it.

    Rs. 715