Cotton Sarees synonymous with style and comfort

Cotton Sarees synonymous with style and comfort

Full of virtues

Cotton Sarees is a sensitive topic for all the ladies; while working or the home makers. The Royal and Stylish choice of a class! The ethnic, casual, formal and functional wear preferred by the maximum number of ladies. All season beautifying sarees especially in the scorching …sizzling summer….the cool, gentle, mesmerizing, soothing, comforting effect elevates the energy, confidence and buoyancy!!! Thus, Bestofplace brings to you an array of genuine Cotton Sarees from all over India.

The traditional Saree of Dharwad in a Tussar – red colour.


Specialties in Cotton Sarees

We find the production of cotton sarees almost in all the states. And are full of the variety in designs, texture, colours and style. Cotton sarees usually come in the form of pure cotton, Gadhwal cotton, Bellum cotton, Gangotri cotton, Vyankatgiri cotton, Solapur cotton, Hyderabad Cotton Patola, Kanjiwaram cotton and Calcutta cotton. These Cotton Sarees are hand woven skilfully and are great gift ideas for Diwali and other festive occasions.

The traditional Saree of Dharwad with lining in light pink colour.



Gadhwal cotton sarees with the design of beautiful flowers and leaves stretched sprawling very artistically throughout the body of the saree and the Jari buttas with a lovely Jari border matching to the body colour and the attractive Pallu. The white Gadhwal cotton colored sarees with a variety of combinations really adds extra stars to the elegance of a lady!


Bellum cotton sarees usually come in plain colours with a broad and wide Jari skirt borders on both the sides, giving a different overall look to the saree.


Gangotri cotton sarees with jari and floral designs have specially designed borders to titivate the prettiness of women.


Vyankatgiri cotton sarees have silk border and are nowadays have come up with new body designs. Rather than the traditional ones.


Solapur cotton sarees also fascinate the ladies to add few in their collection. Because they are with silk matching borders to the Kashida work in the body.


Hyderabad Cotton Patola sarees create a center of attention due to their specific design of  horizontal stripes. Furthermore the few are having buttas on the body. Very easy for maintenance, can be draped after washing without ironing.


Kanjiwaram cotton sarees are heavy with jari buttas spread throughout, with special border and pallu. The artistically designed borders with the Kathakali dancers woven in silk on the  morpankhi background.


Calcutta cotton sarees are mostly in off white colours with thin border and the same colored buttas within the body. They come even in jari border and jari buttas. Starch is must for these sarees.


Cotton sarees come in many other variety like South cotton, Coimbatore cotton, Kerala cotton, Uppada cotton, Pochampally cotton too. And moreover now days they are available in the blends also. Like other sarees, Cotton sarees require maintenance in the form of washing, starching and ironing.

A pure cotton saree with real comfort.



Price effective

As comparing to other types of sarees, the price of cotton sarees is comparatively low. But though the price is low, they comes with bunch of benefits. Also, take a look at the ever-fashionable Kolhapuri Chappals for women that complements perfectly with these beautiful sarees.

A pure cotton saree with real comfort.


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    Awesome … fantabulous …. unbeatable varieties and prices….elegant sarees!!!

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