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Padmapriya Enterprises Private Limited

Padmapriya Enterprises Private Limited is a growing company in Western Maharashtra having registered office in Kolhapur and correspondence office at Pune. It is a company flourishing in various sectors like E – Commerce, Exports and Retail. It is a name resembling Trust and Confidence. Company is very well set to scale new heights on international arena with a long term horizon.

Variety and Speciality makes a life colourful. India is very rich in the culture and traditions. Modern developments add spice to it. Every location and place across India is famous for the products produced there locally and that speciality of the products is always unique which can’t be sought at any other place. The specific soil, climate, expertise, skills or tradition differentiate the local product of the place from that of others in same class. So every such product is famous with the name of particular place or rather that place is recognised by the specific product.

Speciality of these places has always embossed uniqueness in our mind. We are tempted to wear or consume such unique, special and famous products belonging to particular place. But we have to wait until, we personally visit the place or someone brings it for us while returning from that place. So the distance has always kept us away from enjoying the genuine, original or real flavour of the particular place. These original and genuine products are hardly available in local market. Thus we are missing BEST of the PLACE due to distance. But now Bestofplace have minimised the distance between us and these Specialities. We have made the enjoyment of these products easy. Now these products are at our door step and at the local price. We have made them available for you, so enjoy the originality, uniqueness and speciality of different places across India. We are serving you the BEST of the PLACE at your door step. You have to just order on line and get ready to feel, consume or enjoy the best products of the world.

Now enjoying these BEST products on special occasions and festivals would be more delightful. And gifting BEST products to someone would give a feeling of being special.

An e – commerce portal www.bestofplace.com serves the objective.

While we also have a Bestofplace retail store at Rajarampuri, Kolhapur providing wide range of Sarees and Kurtis from various places.

Enriching the lives by exchanging the Traditions and Cultures in terms of Products in the world.

To be most trustworthy platform in dealing Specialties and famous products of different places across the World.

To achieve our vision we are embedded with core values

  1. Customer first
  2. Passion
  3. Innovative
  4. Boundary less
  5. Techno friendly
  • Registered office :  B – 11, Anandvihar, Nale colony,  Kolhapur– 416007.
  • Retail Store: Bestofplace, School no. 9 corner, 9th Lane, Rajarampuri, Kolhapur – 416008.
  • Correspondence office:  “Aditya”, CTS 2071 plot -12A Anant Jyoti Society, Sahakarnagar No. 1, Pune – 411009.

Contact No. :                       0231 – 2627600 / 7776056600

Website :                             www. Bestofplace.com

E-mail :                                admin@bestofplace.com

  • Awarded as an Innovative E – Commerce Website by Arthsanket, a digital Marathi magazine
  • Recognized among Top 20 startups in Maharashtra by Incubation Activity of Saturday Club Global Trust
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